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This is new (to me). In the past I know some of us were missing orders temporarily. I never worried about it because I ALWAYS had an order number. Eventually, it appears in order status within 24 hours.


I just made a purchase and there was NO order number. I clicked on "view receipt" and it shows me the receipt, but the order number is missing. And like before, not in order status & no confirmation email.



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@shoechic    Contact the social team at and include your item number.

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@shoechic , I called Customer Service and they said they are having technical difficulties and the orders placed today are not showing up in your accout.  She said it should be fixed in about 1/2 an hour - that was about 2-3 hours ago.

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@Kachina624 Thanks, I just did. Smiley Happy


@BunSnoop Thank you so much for your response. I'll continue to wait, I guess. Smiley Indifferent