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@proudlyfromNJ wrote:

@suzyQ3. It happened in a thread I was reading. A poster got very upset that her post was poofed. She said she said nothing wrong. Called the Mod, etc. The Mod came back and said her post was fine but she had used the reply button to the post that was deleted. Mod told her to use the reply button at the very beginning of the thread otherwise you take a chance.





@proudlyfromNJ, I saw the same one. :-)


But what I was asking about is whether, aside from the issue of becoming collateral damage when one post is poofed, is there an other difference between using the reply button at the top of the page or the one at the bottom. I don't think so, but was just wondering after reading the original post in this little subthread.

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@suzyQ3. I don't think it matters. I use any one of the reply features unless I use the quote.