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Where are the Ryka shows?????

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You could check with Leilani on her FB page-

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They have a TSV on Mar 2.

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Rykas clogs used to be my summertime mainstays but since the company was sold,  the sizing is all over the place and I will no longer buy them.   I wear a medium width on the narrow side.   Many mediums are a little too wide and I have to add an insole.   I got a Ripka sandal last summer with adjustable straps,  and there's no way I could get my foot in them.... That did it! 

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I am very disappointed that they no longer make the leather walking shoes.

Also, sizing is not what is used to be.  I have to go up a 1/2 size now.  The quality is also not the same.  

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I still see Ryka occasionally on Shoe Shopping With Jane.  It's been a while since their last TSV, so I'm happy that they have one coming up on March 2.  For some reason this fall/winter season the Q buyers didn't bring in a lot of the Ryka hikers, or other water resistent booties and shoes.  They also seem to be invested heavily in presenting Skechers as the walking/athletic shoe brand they are hot for at the moment.  That's fine, but having worn both brands, I get a better fit, and for true exercise my feet are more supported and comfortable in Rykas.  

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I have to agree Ryka sizing is all over the place, I just do not buy shoes from the Q any longer, it is just too expensive to try to see if they fit and then have to return them, I much prefer to try on shoes locally!

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I agree that Ryka's sizing is all over the place. It's been like that for years.


I had one pair of Rykas that I loved; I ordered that style in another color (same size)--the fit was different.


I'm reluctant to take a chance.

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I stopped buying ryka's when it cost $12. to try on their shoes, which are too inconsistent in sizing plus quality has suffered.

Clark's seem to have taken over the Q's favor, also.