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I don't have a fashion degree but I was a men's sportswear and furnishings buyer for 9 years.  All my sources said "fabric."  I said "fabric."  But I certainly don't care if anyone says "fabrication."  

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During a presentation on Q2 today, I heard Carol Hochman use the word "fabrucation" to describe the material from which her item was made.  It's not just QVC hosts using this term.  It's industry-wide.

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Sharon Hanby-Robie used the word to describe a Berkshire blanket a few nights ago.


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@granddi wrote:

The dictionary definition of fabrication: The process of constructing products by combining typically standardised parts using one or more individual processes. Or: a lie.


There was a post about the work "sortation" which is an acutal word meaning the process of sorting. 


But the word fabrication has nothing to do with the type of fabric, feel of the fabric, look of the fabric of a garment or textile. 

@granddi   I'm SO glad you mentioned it!  It has been a pet peeve of mine for a very, very long time.  Fabrication means how something is made.  The hosts, etc. should say FABRIC or material.  "The fabrication on this is so soft."  WRONG!!  I posted about this about two years ago and didn't get much attention.  I'm happy to see this :-)

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A lot of people who don't know any better think utilize is smarter than use, and fabrication makes them sound smarter than saying fabric.  


They don't. 

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Wow, I’ve learned a lot on this thread. I’m almost afraid to post at all. Thanks everyone for words to use, not use, meanings,etc. 

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In the textile world, fabrication refers to how the fabric is made.