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They each had 2 full glasses in front of them when the presentation started, drank from them and then later, made it from the packets.   Ever since the day Rick drank, they've all done it.  Since then, I've heard numerous hosts during food shows they can drink, so it's all good now.  Thank you for your response, I appreciate it.

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I wonder the same thing.  Yes, I know it's because of COVID, but what harm is it going to do if a host puts food in her mouth.  Good grief!  No one is going to eat after her.  I don't get it.

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They said it's because of all the people that handle/are around the food to get it ready for the show. Hosts are not to eat it, but they said none of it goes to waste as they reuse it for multiple presentations. All another change b/c of Covid.

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@Nataliesgramma wrote:

I think it's silly for them to taste the they would ever spit it out and say it's horrible....


OMG, wouldn't that be shockingly hilarious? I wonder if anyone has ever had that happen but of course they can't react (on camera) like that.

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What I think is silly is for the hosts to play with the food...and pretend like they are going to eat it. I saw one host dung a David's cookie so many times in the milk with a cheesy grin on his was silly! Or breaking the cookie into small pieces...until there is nothing left...except dirty-chocolate-ty fingers. But I can understand why they won't eat it if it's do to Covid.

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Oh for sure, opening up a fresh bag of popcorn is so dangerous! Ridiculous

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I saw Rachel and Alberti drinking that broth and Rachel acting like she was have a heavenly fake!  So I guess they can drink, but not eat? 


I wish they would all just show the food and stop playing with it!

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I think it is a shame they put so much food on display to sell and what happens to it when the show is over. If they dispose  of i that seems like such a waste.  With popstickers there are at least 300 on display. 

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@brcala  I am assuming it is because of the pandemic because before that they always used to taste the food.  One of the hosts made a comment that they could not taste the food anymore.