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QVC sells absolute ******! What is this VPH TSV??? I have never seen such awful, cheap-looking merchandise! 

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@PhillyGirl23 wrote:

QVC sells absolute ******! What is this VPH TSV??? I have never seen such awful, cheap-looking merchandise! 

I agree, what happened to her?  She used to have some nice things !

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Well, don't get too happy.  Countdown to Christmas starts in mid August.

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Then the Halloween stuff will come out...the Boo this and Boo that and hokey 15 iterations of pumpkins with glittery shimmery battery lit  family scenes inside them so you can reminisce about when you were 10 in 1955 ( you'd be 77 today!!!) and you used to go frolicking in the pumpkin patch a- pumpkin-picking in your 150 dollar open front droopy cardigan ( only 150 dollars!!!) and your orthopedic  washable shoes with the 3 inch gum soles.....


Of course, following on the heels of the sweet ,endearing, warm and cutesy saccharine Halloween scenarios will be the ubiquitous whole family trip with the 1950 red truck ( that would be a 72 year old rust bucket IF if it could start, and you sure wouldn't take it to the woods to chop down a tree for fear of getting stuck out there. And if you're cutting down that tree in 0 degree weather with your open front cardigan flapping in the wind, well, that's not good...)


Of course, no matter what, Halloween or Christmas, if you're cold after pumpkin picking or tree sawing or caroling or leaving some food you baked on your neighbor's porch in a Lock n Lock ( that they can KEEP!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!) , you can always find one of the 235 throws you have, still in thier wrappers and grograin ribbon, in the gift closet!!!


Then retire to the recliner and sip on a chocolate bomb in hot milk, or some bone broth (50 dollars for 10 packets!!!) ...and munch on 1 dollar worth of chicken legs dusted with smoked paprika that you paid 15.00 a pound for!!!!


Then it'll be ......exercise  equipment and NutriGlop time of year again!!!! 


I think we watch too much QVC ( me for writing this, YOU if you recognize the programming progression thru the seasons!!!!)....



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Just the beginning of six months of Christmas. I have to tune it out othewise I'm sick of it before Halloween gets here.