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Why is it that it takes days and days to get something to ship? I am getting so tired of ordering it and it taking eight or nine days to get that item to my home.. the item sits in process for days now .. and I am getting so tired of it .. I need to find another place to do my shopping.. The Q isnt what it used to be.. and the prices are nuts .. just saying 

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@Chatyone 2  I know, there is no excuse with the prices qvc charge for shipping to take so long to process & ship. I think QVC needs some advice from the Amazon executives on successful processing / shipping in the online marketplace.  

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I ordered a blouse on the fifth of March it has been at the GR post office for four days. 

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I have slowed my purchases way back directly due to this as well. Two tops are being delivered today, I hope, both ordered March 3rd, 11 days! I ordered during the spring event but that should do it for quite a while as when I order other places, I generally get most items within 5 days, max....

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I still get most things in 3-4 days.  Occasionally, it takes 5 or 6 days.  I have never had to wait more than 6 days for anything.  However, 8 or or 9 days wouldn't matter a bit to me because I'm not ordering anything that I need right away.  

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I wish I could understand WHY some experience this slow processing/shipping, and others don't.  My items are promptly delivered, and always have been, even with shipping to 3 different addresses in the last 5 years.  I would gladly trade places with you guys since I never order anything I have to have right away.  I personally don't care when it ships as long as I get that tracking message.

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I surely don't know why QVC takes so long to process/ship/receive.  I never get an order in less than 10 days.  Doesn't matter, not in a hurry.


HOWEVER,  we all KNOW that QVC is slow!!!


What I want to know is why people order from the Q, one of the slowest shippers out there, and then complain about it?


A thread was started yesterday by a long time shopper complaining about the same thing.


No, it shouldn't take this long; yes, it is frustrating and annoying.


But why continue to shop somewhere you KNOW full well will not deliver your item quickly?  Not trying to be mean or argumentative, I just don't understand why anyone would order from Q if they are in a hurry?  We should be willing to accept the fact it is what it is. 



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I called QVC about an order I placed on 3/5 because it was "in process" for the longest time.  Finally shipped but still, as of today 3/14, have only gotten 2 of the 4 items.  On the other hand...I purchased a beauty item from another company and received it in two days.  And I order scalp sunscreen from Walmart on 3/12 and just received email it will be delivered today (3/14).  Wow!  That's what I call fast shipping.

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I've only started ordering in the last year, and find things get to me on a timely manner. When it is a busy time of year(holiday or a special event such as the woman's event a week or so have to understand things are going to be shipped at a slower pace due to the volume of items being processed at that time. Or...they do give you options to purchase a faster delivery at a higher price. (all shopping online does that..). If I needed it in a rush that would be my alternative choice..spend more and have it in a day or two. I will say I try to shop the clearance priced get some good deals that way. And I try to buy items that have free shipping...they aren't that often but when they are..I ususally try to buy IF they still have my size. FYI... Evine has the highest shipping prices around..I don't buy from them because of that. Got to pick your battles...and be patient. Smiley Wink 

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@Chatyone 2


I was told by CS that it depends on whether the item is being shipped directly from the vendor or by QVC.  For example, my Josie Maran Self Tanner was ordered on 3-5-18 and I received it on 3-8-18.  Apparently as soon as the order was directed to Josies warehouse it was shipped and apparently my living in California had something to do with it since one of their warehouse is in California.   I know it is frustrating.  I had an order sit in process for 5 days