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I could do without the vendors altogether. The host and models are usually enough.

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The time has come for QVC management to bring the network back to it's former glory.  After all the time and money to get QVC 2 on the air, it has been a vast rerun wasteland of QVC shows previously aired.  If you want to compete with Amazon and Ebay you need hosts available around the clock airing live. The immediacy of live tv can't be matched on a website.

Bring back the chemistry of David and Stacy on ITKWD.  Mary needs the charisma of Mark Charles on ITKWM.  Pair them live and in studio and get a live audience to celebrate the relaunch of these shows. Pick up the pace by not staying so long with one item, especially TSV. Recap the previous on air items before going to break or at the end of the broadcast unless the item has been sold out.. And please no more Skype with bad remote audio and hand held cameras. Get them back in studio with the hosts. 

              Next, QVC needs to get back being the tiffany of home shopping. I am disappointed when a host is pushing a product that with an ample sampling of ratings and a scoring of under 4 stars, management needs to look at why it's name and reputation can't be trusted.

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Wow this is very well stated; couldn't agree with you more denden!  While QVC did a great job of staying on the air during height of the pandemic, if the state's governor has opened things back up as it should be, please QVC, bring yourself back!  For the most part, the skypes are not well done (yes, some are), and we are no longer getting a true representation of all the products, especially clothing in all their colorways (have you noticed colors in the studio camera can be quite different than on the skype cameras?) and more sizes on actual folks; and the fun has been taken out of shopping as we longtime QVC customers remember. And for goodness sake, way too long on each product.   What worries me a little is that vendors used to tell the hosts from afar how much they missed being in the studio but I am not hearing that any longer???

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The pandemic taught MANY busniesses of all kinds that remote is just as productive and a  less costly way to do business.


QVC isn't a Broadway production that needs glam and drama!  I'm totally fine with one host in the studio.


I see absolutely no reason to incur the expense (either by QVC or the Vendors themselves) of going to the Studio.  Most Skypes have been fine!


Between on air and online, I can get all the info and visual I need.  If Skype seems different, then just go by the Stuido cameras or online.  I totally can get a true representation!!


None of the models are shaped like me anyways, so it makes no difference to have multiple models in the same item.  Again, Cost saving!


Many things are now going to remain different post Pandemic.  While the 'danger' may have subsided, many companies are re-evaluating their plans.  Many of my friends will remain remote, or partially remote.


With gas prices soaring, this is a plus for the employees and the companies have learned they don't need them in office 5/wk.

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I see no need for the guests to ever return to a studio, with the exceptions of special anniversaries or during a TSV.  Otherwise, dozens of people in and out everyday just for brief appearances doesn't seem worth the trouble. 


Mike George indicated that virtually all customer service positions will continue at home indefinitely.   Makes business sense to me; close down call centers.

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There is a QVC vendor who responded about a week ago to a poster in the I Love QVC FB group that the vendors all received a letter stating QVC has no intention of bringing them back into the studio, for the foreseeable future.  QVC has determined that operations are working quite well, and will continue the off-site plan for now.


Sounds good to me.  I see no reason to have them back in the studio, especially the ones that have to fly in or drive long distances.   Some of the vendors have become quite adept and creative at their videos showcasing their products.  That's another big benefit of not coming into the studio.  


In addition, the vendors may be generating decent sales in their solo shows on Q2.  That's another reason not to have them back.  I think I've seen just about every vendor doing their own solo show now.  Some are much better than others, but in time hopefully they'll all get the knack of it.  

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One upside to the vendors being at home showing the products...especially those related to fashion - clothes/shoes/handbags/etc. is that one can see the items true color/hue. The presentations from the QVC studios now have cameras with enhanced filters which to me, come across too bright...almost neon colors many times. 


I usually have to refer to the pics the Q offers online which show the colors much closer to the actual color/hue. Unfortunately, sometimes they aren't even available if it is a new item.


This video is a great example...A394081

Look at the intense colors of this Belle top with the host Rachel and compare it to the colors when Kil Gravel presents it in her home (several times during the video presentation Kim is on split screen showing the various color tops. 


I own the tops myself in all 3 colors and they match back to the pics online and what is shown with Kim...not with Rachel.

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@Just Bling wrote:

Why isn't my vets office open either.   Every single vet's office even Emergency is closed for the owner of the pets.    It is so, not sure of the word, that they come to take your animal and you can't go in.


Yes, we are all open.

@Just Bling  .... same thing with the vet that I take my dog to .... I guess they are protecting themselves & us 🙃

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Some vendors do appear to have been in the QVC studios for quite some time.  I noticed for a few months on the In the Kitchen shows that multiple vendors are broadcasting from the same Kitchen set although they weren't live with David.  Those vendors have Live in the upper right hand of the screen vs Skype for those who really aren't on set.

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I agree with those that say to shorten the presentations. I mean how long can you talk about a basic solid colored tshirt?? I've seen on here people complaining about the phrases repeated by hosts, or the dumb things they say to the vendors. Sometimes they have to drag out a presentation for 10 minutes! (or longer for a TSV) I know I'd have a hard time thinking of new things to say about some of these items.


I love when they say they are going to have Quick Takes. I think especially for fashion items, 2 or 3 minutes is all you need to give key points and see a couple of models. Then move along! There are SO MANY items living online that we never see. Show more items with less time per presentation. I think they can afford to do that, considering we wait weeks to get our purchases.