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Re: Who or What do you miss?

I won't repeat what others have already menetioned other than ditto to variety of products and quality and consistency.


One show that I miss that's been gone a long time is Boyd's Bears.  The guest whose name I can't remember was a complete character and they always teamed him with Mary Beth. She would end up laughing so hard at times she could hardly continue.  So I miss that esprit de corps between hosts and guests which is one of the things that made me start recording shows, fast forwarding through them and stopping only if I see something I might want. Otherwise it's just too boring and predictible and a waste of time.


Remember all the "sold outs"?  On some shows like the Gold Rush and Silver shows you really had to pay attention and get your order in because products sold out in a flash.  That seemed to disappear a long time ago as well.  Occasionaly there are sold outs but more often it's for a few sizes or colors...not the entire available intentory for a product. But again, I don't watch other than shows i've recorded so maybe there are more than I'm aware of.


Guess we're just all nostaligic old foggies!  Rock on! 

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Re: Who or What do you miss?

It's only been a few weeks, but from the old boards I miss that silly "guilty dog" GIF that fourpaws was always posting.

"It doesn't matter if the glass is half-full or half-empty as long as you still have the rest of the bottle."
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Re: Who or What do you miss?

I miss Kathy Levine, Judy Crowell and the old boards! I also miss the old Big Bonanza Silver days!