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Where is the Merrill Shoe show?

A few nights ago, I stayed up until 3:00 PST to see a show for Merrill Shoes, my favorite.  I had my cup of cocoa and my doggie sleeping in my lap, but no Merrill Shoes.


And today waiting to see Women With Control Clearence show at midnight, but yet another Dooney show (after the previous 3)!


I'm an insomniac and I shop during the night hours.  It's fun!   Now I don't know what will be on - it seems like reruns-and the program guide is not helping.  What's up?

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Re: Where is the Merrill Shoe show?

@Helen Bach: Between the hours of 2:00-7:00AM, QVC repeats the midnight TSV program over and over again. Smiley Frustrated