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Re: Where is Anthony the new host?

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I enjoyed watching him.There was no hysterical laughing,no dancing,no talking over the vender,and in grneral he was informed,and respectful and had manners.I will miss his calm presentations.

mosky:  ITA!  I loved seeing a man who acted like a man and did not giggle like a silly schoolgirl.  He was mature and professional without all those ridiculous antics.



Dan Hughes is the only respectable male host. Really enjoy his midwestern sense of humor and values. Dan adores his darling wife. She even picks out his outfits that he wears on air.  He works his farm and tills the land. Ordered many items from this man over the years. He does not hype and explains the products in more detail than most.

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Re: Where is Anthony the new host?

I don't understand why the revolving door of hosts lately.  They don't seem to be giving them enough time to hit their stride and get to know their jobs and the viewers. All the hosts that they've let go recently have all been quite good, including Anthony.


It would seem that a host that had 10 years of experience at another QVC station would give them a good foundation to work with.  I'm not sure what they expect as a job like this has a huge learning curve and it takes time. 


I wonder if the training isn't as thorough as it used to be, perhaps?  Instead of letting these hosts go so quickly before half the customers have even seen them on air, they should identify the areas that need improvement, and bring them back for additional training.


I feel bad for Anthony, as I remember him saying that it was his dream to come to the U.S.

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Re: Where is Anthony the new host?

He must not have been here long I totally missed that new host. oh well .. move on