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Re: What has happen to QVC Fashion

It's either pull-on pants from Denim & Co., a polyester top from Susan Graver, ankle pants or florals from Issac, and so on. I haven't been thrilled with the Q's quality of clothes or styles for a while. And yes, we all know prices are rising. But it seems like the quality is cheap and greatly. I don't like stretchy polyester clothes.

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Re: What has happen to QVC Fashion

As far as clothing goes, and several years of giving it a good try, I decided I'm not what QVC would call a typical QVC buyer.  


I purchased some nice things, but generally, we're not on the same wave length.  I'm looking for high quality classic designs, more natural fabrics, classy designers who don't copycat, and consistent sizing. 


However, that's OK, because there are other retailers who carry what I like.   

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Re: What has happen to QVC Fashions

QcVC pushed  out designers and reolaced, then with in-house brands. Many people like the result but I prefer other, more creative approaches. There are plenty of options for finding stylish clothes, QVC is no longer even a consideration for me.

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Re: What has happen to QVC Fashion

I have only purchased a cardigan fro Isaac this year....


I just don't see anything I REALLY like and it takes forever to get a refund if you send it back...

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Re: What has happen to QVC Fashion

Everything changes and just have to hunt for those pieces that work for me. I don't purchase as much because I no longer feel I need as much.  I'm headed to retirement within the next next year or two at the latest.  I have changed a lot on what I purchase.


I love clothes and always have,  but always used my head on how much I spent too.  I like to look for those deals, but unfortunately not as many as there use to be.  My favorite stores are disappearing around here.   The pandemic change a lot of things .  I still like to go out and about to shop but the Q also catches my eye on some items as well. 


For me less is best.  I have a closet full of everything I  need and I have fun coming up with outfits to wear.  I still like to throw in a little something something now and then too.  I doubt I can wear everything I have each season but I sure have fun trying.  


Seems like when something hits it is everywhere.  Tight leggings, tye dye, dresses,.  My favorite all the lounge wear.  Now back to dressing it up.  Lol


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Re: What has happen to QVC Fashion

@Fionna   Tons of us remember shopping the 'good ole days' here buying up LOTS of great fashions from really true FAB designers at very affordable price tags.  


Unfortunately many of those designers are gone, so many of them. Big fashion days at the change of seasons was always tons of fun to watch and buy - I know I did. 


Those days are gone baby gone.


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Re: What has happen to QVC Fashion

It seems all the home shopping networks have gotten lackluster when it comes to fashion. I do not dress in traditional conservative styles, but I don't consider myself trendy either. I'm not sure what they're going for. Over at ShopHQ, where I used to get a lot of my clothes, they've been focused on weird cuts, ugly colors and prints, and embellishments that add nothing. The last thing I bought from them was a very pretty boho maxi dress, and that was early summer.


I've been getting nearly all my plus size clothes from Torrid and Avenue. They've been having sales all year and I've paid nothing full price, so I'll continue to buy from them.


And if QVC is trying to attract younger shoppers with saying their clothing is comparaable to boutique, it's not going to work. Millennials and Gen-Z are buying from Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Wish, Marshall's Ross, and online retailers like Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, those fast-fashion brands (while problematic) that are popular with influencers. The majority of them are not going to buy from a home shopping network which in their eyes is considered antiquated and uncool. 

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Re: What has happen to QVC Fashion

There are two things I won't buy, rayon and pull up jeans.  What am I, two?  They are not jeans if there is no zipper.  I get so disappointed when my favorite current designer, Kim Gravel, shows a knit top and I check on the computer and it's rayon.  And LOGO is totally out of the question.

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Re: What has happen to QVC Fashion

@Spurt wrote:

@Kachina624 wrote:

@Spurt   I see a big variety at QVC too in both fabrics and some beautiful prints.  I got a Logo print top recently that is one of the prettiest I've ever seen.  I've got some gorgeous SG printed tops.  I love prints.  They also seem to be introducing new fabric blends including linen blends which some people go nuts over (not me). 


Just wondered if the stores have something different since I can no longer browse stores. 


Enjoy your purchases...


I havent been browsing in-store as much as shopping online lately, but whether Im in the actual store, or even just browsing websites from retail stores you can see a good variety from the different brands....


QVC used to offer more designers and more styles. But now with QVC its hard to tell Anybody from Cuddle Duds and Peace,Love,World, and from NYDJ from Barefoot Dreams to Laurie  Felt....even some of Isaacs stuff mimics SG and Belle, and D&C and Joan Rivers do the classic "buttoned down shirts"....and D&C's dresses look much like those from Women With Control and Cuddl Duds....And even SG has taken a page from Quacker Factory on occasion...And a lot of what they are showing in all brands are the high/low hems which I HATE...even their Life Is Good t-shirts have high/low hems so I buy directly from their website instead of QVC......  


I used to buy a lot from QVC (D&C, Isaac, the now discontinued Linea, and others, but the styles, inconsistent sizing and Q's pricing have made my QVC clothing purchases rare...when I buy online from Dillards/Macys the sizing is always PERFECT!....and their sales are real sales not just $3 or $4 off....


Everyone's taste is individual and to each their own style whatever floats your boat, but QVC's apparel sales have been struggling with some brands and I think whats expressed on the Forums are some of the valid reasons why..

I agree, the high/low trend is awful, and glad to see the cold shoulder going away. 

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Re: What has happen to QVC Fashion

@Spurt One thing in particular I've noticed is that the fabrics have changed. I had ordered a couple of t-shirts from Isaac's line and they are nothing like the ones I have from previous years. Supposedly they are pima cotton but they don't feel like the ones I have in my drawer already. I have returned most of the things I've purchased, not because of fit but because I'm really picky about how things "feel".


It's expensive to return things to Q so for right now, I've stopped buying anything. I don't really need anything but I like to have new t-shirts since they get a lot of wear all summer.