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Very Unhappy QVC Shopper

I ordered a pair of shoes on 2/1/11 and requested that they be shipped by UPS which is my normal shipping request so that I can track my purchase. I have checked the progress of the shipment everyday. The tracking shows that they shipped on 2/3/11. I continued to check the tracking and up until today, it never changed from billing information received. Finally today, it says that the package is in Horsham, PA which is not very far from QVC according to my map. I called customer service. I was told that their "internal" policy is to give the package 13 days from date of shipping to arrive. I only live on the other side of PA...not across the country. Sounds to me like my shoes were sitting in a warehouse for a week. Apparently, my order must not be important enough to ship in a reasonable amount of time. Maybe that would be more acceptable to me if I didn't pay for the shipping. What happened to customer service? No more QVC for me!