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I watched Vanessa during her Estee Lauder show and her Hairdo Wig show.  In both she was fantastic! Smiley Very Happy She is learning quickly and has the innate poise, humor, and apparent work ethic (it was obvious how much homework she did prior to each of her shows) to grow into the role of fabulous host.  Plus, her social media presence is really sharp.



QVC encourages hosts increasing their social media activity.  Even Leah, Mary Beth, Jayne Brown, and Rick -- all who used to rarely post on social media -- have recently increased their posts. 

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I have seen Vanessa host shows a few times, and think she is a quick learner. She has the poise and personality to be a great host.  She seems to have a strong work ethic and is extremely focused on her job.  Kudos to QVC for hiring her!

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I watched the Estee Lauder show and was disappointed with her. She talked way too much and didn't dig into information from the expert. 

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Vanessa needs to enunciate. She is difficult to understand. I don't know how she could have been a reporter  since she  mumbles her words.

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Also, she needs to keep her nails looking professional.