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@KKJ wrote:

Ok, do you find Valerie's stuff isn't that great quality?  I've ordered several things in past years and been disappointed in some of it.  A string of fairy lights quit working after very short time and also one of her pretty lanterns as well.   Also, her items I find eat batteries like crazy, even when I don't run them but a few hours at night.

I definitely noticed the same thing. I purchased a few of her votive with tea lights and they eat batteries after a week! It's a bright for a few nights, then the lights go very dumb. My husband says it's because of a poor quality LED. They are only on for a few hours a night, and the brightness just doesn't last. It's very disappointing.

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I don't think Valerie has much control over the quality of her brand since all production now is overseas. Cost is the number one consideration and QVC I'm sure controls that as well.


What bothers me is when someone starts a new brand that is high quality.  It becomes popular then is sold to a big corporation (I think of IT Cosmetics, Philosophy, etc).  Suddenly the formulas change to not be as good.