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Love watching Shawn on QVC!!  You can tell that she loves her job and really has a awesome way to describe each item being presented.  My second shout out is to Jackie who honestly ROCKED each outfit she wore today.  I truly believe this brand is Jackie's brand.  Way to go girls!  

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Shawn is blessed with good producers.  They keep her informed via the earpiece.  They give her the information on the item on-air.  Then of course, there's the "quirky" comments.  She's good at sparkling repartee, I'll give her that.

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I got a kick out of Shawn's honesty last night when she said to the vendor "I thought I would dress up tonight.  I have spent the last year working in pajamas and calling it a career.  It is fun to dress up and look pretty."  It was nice seeing her in something other than pj's or joggers, but wearing that shirt over the dress did nothing for her or the outfit.  Yes, Jackie looked good in the pieces, too.

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I think no matter what shawn wears,she's always darling.i always watch when she is on.

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The line has got some things that appeal to me, but also many things that do not at all!  I am not a fan of the high low tops.  As for Shawn, meh.