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(reposting this from one of the blog threads..)

... I just logged in after baking the cookies, and looking out my door to see the last of my Q-boxes....and all I had to do was reach out and get it.....

...and I felt bad for sounding so Bah-Humbug here yesterday, joining folks posting about what Q could get better during the holidays, to help with pricing, S&H ...valid points.

Still...I just wanna say after all...for all the things I might wish they'd do...Q still does a lot of things right for me...and has helped me avoid the "mall madness" and the like, that had started to drain the joy out of my Christmases.

Darn it, as that little package lay there at the door...I thought of all the people workin' overtime these past couple months, from all the Q little peeps, the packers, warehouse people, CSR's, hosts, producers, tech people, to my UPS guy and mailmen....all so I can shop in my pjs, and still have time to make the cookies! If sometimes I pay a little more for has helped me out, and for that I'm appreciative. So, TK'Q!

haha...can't believe I just logged into a retail site to say thank you...o'well~fa la la. Smiley Happy

Happy Holidays, All!