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I received an email from the Q today. They announced that they will no longer be sending text alerts about orders. With all the shipping problems and package theft I am surprised that they are doing this. I found them really helpful. Oh, well . . .


Here is the text of the email:


Dear QVC Shopper,

We thank you for staying connected to your orders, our offers and more through our text alert program. We're letting you know the text alert program will be discontinued on January 15, 2019. We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to work on new ways to keep you informed.

To keep you close to your orders and the latest delivery updates, you can always check Order Status on or opt in for emails and Facebook Messenger alerts. You can view or update your preference settings any time in My Account on

When on the go, we encourage you to use the QVC app for your mobile device.

Thanks for shopping with us.

Best regards,

The QVC Customer Care Team

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Also rec’d this email today.

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Verizon wireless doing the same as well.  

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I was sad to see this.  Quick notes.  I'm not doing Facebook messenger.

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Every time I send in a package back to the Q (which has been a lot since Christmas) there is a box that says,"Please mail confirmation of this return".  


I always check it and I always get a recorded message on my phone from QVC.


One way or another, it doesn't bother me because I always take my return packages to the post office and have the attendant scan the packages (and give me a receipt).


As far as receiving the packages, I have a very, very large Tupperware box with a lid at the top of my driveway.  That's where the post office puts the packages I receive.


The UPS people (which Amazon uses) usually puts it on my front door step.  I live at the top of a 200 ft driveway with BLINK cameras everywhere.  They take a picture of anyone who comes up the driveway and near the garage and also up to the front steps.


My daughter has a terrible time getting her packages.  So far within less than 2 weeks I've received BACK TO ME two packages I'd sent to her.  Drives me crazy!


So after I complained (to her) she went to the post office to get the packages (I send her lots of stuff) and two times the post office was closed.  


She finally took a picture of the sign they posted.  The last time she went there were several people very angry standing around reading the sign.


Oh!  This was BEFORE the government shut down.  I went to return a huge box to QVC and previously I could go to the post office Annex near me.  Since it was very, very large, it's easier to find someone to help me.


Again, there was a sign on it that said they were closed.  It didn't have anything to do with the shut down.  There was a guy that came up to me as I walked away.  He said he had a package he'd been trying to get out of there for a few days.  He was on the phone trying to find out how he could get his package/letter out of the place.


And the post office wonders why they are hemorrhaging loosing money......gee....I wonder.


Every time I stand in line waiting for the 2 people who now work there, someone walks up and wants me to use the automated machines.  I say, "No thank you.....I'll wait".  They stand there and try to talk me into using the machines....they just don't understand the word NO.


I've used those machines and one time I got the package back and the other time it just disappeared into who knows where....never again.  If I don't mind waiting in line, why should it bother the post office person?  They're eliminating jobs left and right.  Ugh!


So, nothing surprises me anymore.  It's all about saving money.  I'm surprised I keep getting the calls.  


I mention this because MAYBE the Q is trying, but I think they should do more to accommodate the customers.  If you (and many other's) want to keep getting texts and emails they should accommodate you too.

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I guess I still live in the old fashion.  I never got a text because no phone, and I do get email when the order is sent, then I check tracking to see my pkg. Arrival date.  I give return pjs. To my lettercarrier.  Never had a problem.

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This is kind of funny.  More and more companies are going to texts, not giving them up.  Go figure, it's Q.

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I received that email as well. As there was no explanation as to WHY the texts were being stopped, I was not pleased.
I also order from Amazon and they do all the notifications via text message.

Strange that QVC encouraged us to use mobile app to order.....but then won't send up a response through text/mobile message. Seems to me that counterintuitive! 

At any rate, this cutoff of communication is a disappointment. I have heavily relied on QVC for shopping but will switch to a company that will send me notifications. I think that's a basic requirement.

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Re: Text alerts from the Q

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I got that email too. Bad idea IMO. Some people like to receive texts to know an order is shipped, delivered, etc. without logging on.  I was surprised they ended this - seems more companies are going to text alerts, and the Q is ending it.  Backwards IMO.



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I never got text messages about orders but I do get emails letting me know when something was shipped.