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I haven't seen Teri Conn on the air in quite a while.  I checked her Facebook page and the last post on the air was from 9 January.  I looked forward in the posted program guides and I don't see her name listed for either channel.  I enjoy her presentations.  Sad to not see her on the air.  Has anybody heard anything?

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Terri has not been on air since Jan. 10.  She posted a while back that she & her daughter were sick.  I hope they're both better; perhaps she also had a restful vacation scheduled as well.  

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So many people getting sick at the Q.

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With COVID on the rise, it would seem prudent that the hosts stop hugging each other and guest presenters. Mary Beth is out and who knows who else may be infected.

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I like Terri Conn as a host but please QVC stop with the hugging and kissing - nobody believes it anyway.

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I just looked at the program guide for the week ending 11 February and Teri is not listed for either channel.  I hope she is doing o.k.  I enjoy her presentations and her appearances on the air have been quite sporadic  since before Christmas.