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I have cut down my purchases immensely - too much S/H, etc.  Not worth it.

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@Texussgal wrote:

I ordered a Diamonique ring a few weeks ago.  It was shipped very quickly and I appreciated that.  But, the ring was top heavy and really too large a carat weight for my hand.  I returned it and on a $10.95 easy pay, I got a refund of $1.01.  Not sure why, I'm sure there was S&H taken out, but for heaven's sake, the refund wasn't really worth their time.  Guess I won't be purchasing anything else from QVC.  I have been with them since the beginning and used to be a regular customer.  After retiring and a devastating illness in my immediate family, I have been unable to purchase anything.  So, I was thrilled to have made this purchase, only to be so very disappointed when I had to return it.  Honestly, for the $1.01 refund, they might as well have kept that too.  So very disappointed.

@Texussgal, the refund was worth QVC's time because to keep it would be illegal. Also, even though you got back a $1.01 refund, you are not paying the subsequesnt easy pays.

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Personally, I don't know how Evine stays in business.  They are the worst TV shopping channel out of all of them.  I have not purchased from them in about 5 yrs.  They cut me off when I had my credit card compromised and they tried to take a value pay out.  I had emailed them prior to this happening and given my new card number.  Some 3 months later, I found out that they had continued to try to use the old card and I was behind 3 payments.  I quickly made up the payments and thought everything was fine.  Imagine my surprise when I went to make a purchase and I was informed that I could not do that.  I called Customer Service and went through the entire scenario with them and was promptly hung up on.  I will never use this site again.  Anything they offer, I can easily find somewhere else.  They really need to step up their game or continue to be at the very bottom of all the shopping channels.  IMHO, of course, but they stink!

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 @Texussgal I hear you, years ago I returned an item and they said they didn't get it. The item was a large stained glass floor lamp that was quite expensive and on easy pay. I used their return label and because of the size, Evine or whatever they were called at the time, had FedX pick it up. To make a long story short, they said they didn't get the return and continued to charge my credit card for the purchase. I wrote a letter to the CEO of the company at the time and she called me at home and apologized for all the trouble and my money was refunded. I must say their customer service has improved, but their CS people have no power and usually cannot help you.

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I never use their return label, if its a light weight item, use the post office, it's cheaper that the 6.95 and if u do use the label always ship several items in the same package for that 6.95 price. If it's something very heavy, then yes use the label because it may be more at the post office. It usually will cost you $9.95 to return a clothing item, 3.00 for return ship and 6.95 for return label. Not worth it!