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I ordered a Diamonique ring a few weeks ago.  It was shipped very quickly and I appreciated that.  But, the ring was top heavy and really too large a carat weight for my hand.  I returned it and on a $10.95 easy pay, I got a refund of $1.01.  Not sure why, I'm sure there was S&H taken out, but for heaven's sake, the refund wasn't really worth their time.  Guess I won't be purchasing anything else from QVC.  I have been with them since the beginning and used to be a regular customer.  After retiring and a devastating illness in my immediate family, I have been unable to purchase anything.  So, I was thrilled to have made this purchase, only to be so very disappointed when I had to return it.  Honestly, for the $1.01 refund, they might as well have kept that too.  So very disappointed.

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Yes, you now have to pay shipping both ways when you return an item.  This of course makes me very, very careful before I place an order.  I never order from my phone anymore, I have to go online and check it out closely before I will order anything from any shopping channel.

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I, too, have loved QVC for what seems like forever.  In October 1990, in a hotel room in Traverse City, Michigan I first saw the Q, with no less a "star" than Kathy Levine; I was hooked!  It finally came to my hometown in May 1991, and I have been an over-enthusiastic consumer ever since.  Until...back in June, I purchased the TSV Roomba, on the nine monthly payments plan.  When I received my statement I had been billed for the entire amount.  Three attempted calls (robots only) and two emails (no one reads anymore?) later, the return postage was never refunded.  Their error, my financial loss.  I was so shocked to have been treated like this that I rarely watch anymore...

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Same here....I bought a Diamonique ring, which I felt did not look good on my hand. I returned it, but I used my own label and paid my own shipping (it was 1/3 of the QVC return label's price!). They still deducted the $6.95 from my return - until I called Customer Service to get my total refund. I had tracking and proof I returned it on my own. You have to monitor your bill carefully. 


I too am very careful about what I buy now. The shipping to and from makes it cost prohibitive to shop like I once did. Smiley Sad 

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Your original shipping is no longer refunded on returns (and we have always been responsible for the cost of return shipping). Sounds like you used their prepay return label, which means $6.95 was deducted from the amount of your refund in addition to the original $3. For jewelry, I never use the prepay label as I can ship USPS for far less than $6.96. Tax is also applied, depending on the state. This policy has been in place several years. The refund likely seems paltry because you only paid a portion of the full price on the first easy pay. But I see this as an advantage on items I am taking a chance on, as my bank account isn't tied up waiting for a full-price refund on something that I am just hoping fits, works, or might like. 

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Great timing on this subject. Yesterday I had to call for the 3rd time to get a refund on the makeup product that arrived here obviously opened, tested and returned . I called CS the same day (also it was mailed from the Return Center!) and was told to throw it away and she would take care of it. Nope she didn't . Called again next monthe when the 2nd of 3 payment was still on there and was told she would tale care of it . Nope. Called yesterday when my bill arrived and the 3 of 3 payment was still on there and I called again (the number on my bill it said to call for CS) and after a bunch of waiting on the line got someone who said that she could not help me and I had to call the Q. She gave me a number and I called it and ....can you see this coming?.....that lady told me to call number I JUST called and was told to call her. I got kinda mad and asked what the heck was up? She said she would take care of it. Yeah right....we'll see on my next month bill. This is rude to customers. This is why I have cut down drasticaslly on my Q shopping.

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@silkyk Have you posted your problem in Customer Care? The mods will see it and may be able to help sort this out.

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've kept a few things that I would have returned because the amount that I would get back..... made no sense 

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To the OP, consider this a "live and learn" experience.

It is much cheaper not to use a return Q label in most cases but esp. for jewelry.  If you would have mailed it back by U S Post office first class mail, your postage would most likely have been under $3  (not the $6.95 deduction for Q's return label) and you'd have also lost the $3.00 original poster per Q's policy.  You do get tracking with first class mail so you would have had confirmation of its delivery to the Q.  I do not use Q's return label to send back jewelry.  Oh, and some jewelry costs $5 for Q to ship to you so you woudln't get hat $5 origianl shipping back (rather than $3) if you return a piece.


Better to just shop locally.  Lesson learned.

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