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@rose123 I never think about any of them ,past or present. They don't occupy any place in my life.

You opened the thread. They must occupy some space in your life. @Love my grandkids 


HAHAHAHAHA!!!  Well said!!!

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That number is for all 7 of Quarates holdings, not just qvc. 



They DO breakdown results of QURATE Retail Companies and  (QVC/HSN) is listed separately including their other companies---Zulilly, Cornerstone etc etc.....go to the parent company Libertyinteractive and read the press releases for QURATE and all the other companies under the Umbrella for LibertyInteractive!


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Additionally,  QxH US accounts for about 60% of total Qurate revenue.


Therefore, Qurate's loss is almost completely attributable to QxH US and to a lesser degree Zulily.


Cornerstone Brands and QVC International posted operating profits in 2022.

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You conveniently omit, in all of your posts on the matter, that an employer may not terminate an employee for any reason.  Not true.  They may not take action that is illegal per federal and/or state law.


Federal and state discrimination statutes prohibit employers from basing employment decisions on an employee’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status. Specific state statutes may also protect employees from discrimination based on other factors, such as sexual orientation.


The multiple posts repeating this are political, politically charged and electioneering in violation of forum rules.

@Commoner Exec Mr Wilkes 



As long as the firing does not involve a federal law, "AT WILL" provides for ANY OTHER REASON and dont you know HR and legal makes sure they document well to show the firing was other than those federal laws---companies make sure their i's are dotted and t's crossed when it comes to the legality of things

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AGREE. Not very happy with Q today. In addition to the layoffs of some of the best hosts, I Had to return the CCB jeans and in the box, there was nothing- No invoice with sticker return label. Nothing. 🙄 The  "convenience" Is not so much as it used to be. Gotta remove my card info to make myself stop- I don't need a thing anyway. 🥰



Just call Customer Service and they can either email you a lable to print or send it snail mail to you....

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The presentations have become boring to me - a long time customer who spent thousands. I rarely watch. D&C’s TSV day was so awful to me. The beach pants were cute but there wasn’t even a cute t shirt to go with them. I hated the tops they did promote to go w the pants. They did not look like something for young people they claim to want to bring in. The one top looked rather matronly. Maybe they better look at their buyers choices because this spring is not half as exciting as past spring clothing.
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Between the hosts and the prices I very rarely watch.

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I understand all the complaints about pricing, etc .  but the hosts are the primary problem, I believe.   Most of them come from a background other than sales, and if you want to sell your product why are you not hiring people with a sales/retail background?  And does anyone train these people.  That host makes the very first impression upon a viewer and the screeching and stumbling is hard to take.  Why doesn't someone teach them how to modulate their voices?  I could understand if QVC wanted fresh new faces and fresh approaches to selling and wanted to mold these newbies into their idea of what their sales staff should be.  But, it does't apppear that there is any kind of structure or plan.  Just send them out and let them go.  Nancy is so hard to watch.  She repeats the vendor's name constantly and right, right, right?  Imagine QVC the amount  of sales you are missing out on because the staff that you hire are just too hard to watch or listen to?

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I agree with a lot of what you said, but not everything.  I think one of their best hosts - Terri Conn - is doing a great job.


They need more like her. 

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I believe the Q began to go down when several years ago they began getting rid of their many many vendors. Instead of expanding and reaching out for more, they closed in with less to offer but they thought more income for themselves. They thought wrong and continued on this track.

Now you see the Q owning as much as they can by offering everything they can made by themselves. 

If they could make shoes, you wouldn't see as many other manufacturers. If the Q made beauty products, you wouldn't see the variety of beauty products. Aside from Diamonique and Infinity, where's all the jewelry suppliers? 

They bore us to tears with the usual day in and day out, same old, same old products.

Silly hosts with so-called entertainment is never going to take the place for the essential need for many many more new and interesting vendors and products.

Look at what happened when you wanted it all for yourself, instead of sharing with multitudes of vendors....