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Really enjoying Susan's backup person interrupting Pat or talking over the host, etc.  someone needs to rein in Susan...I won't watch when she's on and I don't believe a word she says...totally exaggerates!

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Very much agree! Susan is brilliant and I'm a very happy customer. The person representing Graver today was so informative, pleasant and didn't interrupt. I actually watched today with the sound on. Please Susan stick to what you are the most amazing at - bringing us great clothing!!!

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I always felt Beth should be the presenter.  

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Great show today for sure - SG should take off more often.

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Beth does a wonderful job of representation....always a pleasure.

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Re: Susan Graver

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Yes, she does talk over the host A LOT !.  And so does Isaac Mizrahi - constantly !  It's like he isn't even listening to the host.

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It is very distracting and not enjoyable to watch when she constantly interrupts. I have to press mute because it bothers me so much…maybe have the production crew press the mute button till it is her turn to talk. I get that she is excited but needs to understand that combatting to talk is not an enjoyable thing to watch