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New Cooks Essentials Speckled Pan set. Can you say Paula Deen????

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Hers are still for sale a lot of places. I think some have reduced prices. I'll have to look at the CE pan set even though I don't need pans.

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Along the same vein (the Paula Deen line of products) is the fact that these are the lowest quality of cookware, being hardcoat enamel aluminum. This type of cookware not only doesn't perform as well as, well, pretty much any other, but it doesn't hold up well either.

If you (not YOU, but 'you' in the generic sense) want to cook on aluminum, hard anodized is the way to go. Hardcoat enamel aluminum is just too thin lacking in ability for even heating and heat moderation.

You end up over-heating the pan too easily and thereby not only lessening your ability to cook well but causing the breakdown of the nonstick surface. Oh yeah, and there's the fact that the porcelain enamel coating on the outside chips easily and breaks down to the extent that you end up seeing the nekkid aluminum through it.