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I get QVC through Spectrum Cable. All my other channels are fine; it is just happening on & off every few minutes on the Q. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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THANK YOU, I thought it was our sound bar or something wrong with our audio on Spectrum!!  I have reported it via customer service chat but they said they haven't heard of any issues....Ever since last night the sound goes off every couple of mintues for approx. two mins then comes back on....It's on every tv in the house so not just our main tv....OVC PLEASE FIX THIS!!Heart

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It has been driving me NUTS!!  Only on the QVC channel!!  We're Spectrum as well..... I'm so glad you said something!!!  Thanks! 



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No, but thank you and happy new year!
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I am also experiencing fading in and out, and I have Spectrum.  This started about two days ago...I unplugged my TV thinking that might solve the problem but it did not.  QVC is the ONLY channel.  When I have no sound, I'll try another channel and have clear it Spectrum or QVC?!#

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Yes, what a nuisance!

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It's not your cable provider.  It's QVC and it's been happening for several months now.  I have Optiumum Cablevision and it does the same thing.  Several have complained about it to the mods to report it to QVC techs, but nothing ever been done to correct it.  One would think that a huge, global company like QVC would have topnotch technicians and audio platforms in place.  Sadly,  just another disappointment from QVC. 

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Re: Sound fading in & out

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 Yes, there is a post from Sept 2021  entitled " QVC Sound Issue P ". Also  I posted  something abt QVC2 fading in & out constantly  within the lst 4 months  .   I have Direct TV east coast . At present the QVC2  sound fading in/ out  has subsided for me.  

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You'd think Q would have fixed it after all this time. Seriously, what  purpose could it possibly do other than ANNOY all the shoppers and turn it off. Is that what they want? Crazy

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Thank you for posting this is been driving me crazy as well! I too thought it was my TV, it's impossible to watch, QVC listen up and fix your sound problem.