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This week is the first week in a while I've been able to watch more.




But I'm confused. . .




This week - I'm used to Tuesday being beauty day. It was Monday. I'm used to Wednesday being kitchen day. The TSV is a Dennis Basso throw. 



Maybe it's the holiday season!  LOL!   Smiley Wink

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@beach-mom - Wednesday is rarely a full kitchen/cooking day, even though it is almost always anchored by ITKWD in the evening. However, as is the case this week, it is fairly common to have a couple of hours of a Gourmet Holiday show on Wednesday afternoon, especially if that didn't happen on Tuesday (and likely due to holiday sales being in full swing, this week has food shows on both of those days).


This Wednesday is also a bit more unusual for kitchen items because David will actually be on location in New York doing live check-ins rather than hosting his show; Alberti is taking on that duty.

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Also just had their second cooking day event in short period -this past Sunday. I remember when Weds was more kitchen shows and sometimes still the TSV corresponds with cooking on Weds yet like already mentioned less cooking shows now and more gourmet food shows. Avid cooking show watcher and looking forward to Ninja in a couple weeks on Sunday TSV.

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Seems to me like gourmet shows have been on daily, yawn.......