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Shipping delays?

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C'mon Q! What's the problem?

I ordered two purses on May 5...

when I tap on "track shipment" I get the message "we will let you know a delivery date" WHAT?




There is a MAJOR system delay 


I need these in order to further plan a summer wardrobe based on the OUTSIDE COLOR OF THE BAG but..


it's May 19 and nothing is happening


And to further rant


the Lug purses are not properly demonstrated on air... I cannot see linings that go with a particular color! Who can possibly purchase an item such as this without knowing. I refuse to purchase another purse with a dark, confusing lining! 

So, here I sit with a CCB top and bottom in cherry red... and a bright pink Lug purse that I'm not sure is the one I want to keep? 



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If you really want an answer, you need to email the mods with all your order information


They will be the best ones to get your answers

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The Lug website usually shows the interior colors and patterns of their items. 

If I'm considering a QVC purchase I go there first before buying.

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Call customer service ask the mods if they can help.  I don't think there are any shipping issues.  I'm getting all my orders promptly.   It sounds like it might be a Lug problem suppy problem, not a QVC Problem.  


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No problem with shipping on this order!  It's coming today.  I'm in PA.



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Ordered a pair of Bzees on the 16th, shipped on the 17th from CA, should be here by Monday.  No shipping problems for me.

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Honestly, I think it's hit or miss. Sometimes my orders are shipped within a couple of days, while others sit in process for much longer. I think it depends on the product and where it's shipped from. 

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I don't get why people post here and don't just email the social team for assistance.    

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@Jk9 I totally agree with you. This OP has over 32,000 posts. She's aware of the process, I'm sure. I figure these kinds of posts are from people that just need/want to complain. Otherwise, a person can search a topic and most often find results they are looking for by reading past posts. There's already a couple long posts about Lug and delayed shipping.


I'm only assuming, posting these types of negative comments relieves the posters angst about a situation. Again, I agree with you, not sure why veteran posters don't just email the social team. They are fantastic and can resolve most issues.   

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@Jk9 wrote:

I don't get why people post here and don't just email the social team for assistance.    


Because they just want to complain and vent.