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Excuse my ignorance, but how is everyone able to see September TSVs now? If you have a link or something, I'd love to get a sneek peak!

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Nothing from the electronic copy of "The Insider" has jumped out at me so far as a must purchase. Sometimes I change my mind when I receive the magazine and look at it in more detail or the actual airing of the TSV.

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I am not sure how it's done now. I have been a member of "The Insider" from when we use to have to pay to subscribe. It's a free listing now so I believe that I have read where people put in a request now to start receiving the magazine or electronic copy. Post a request in the customer care forum and hopefully one of the moderators will answer you.

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I ended up ordering the Loden. I already have a couple of dusters similar to the other colors offered.. Looking forward to seeing the Loden in person.  I do own another BD form QVC, and like that one, I ordered in my regular QVC size.

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@Jazzcat@michigangirl723 if you Google "blueskies fo me please" you can see the Sept. TSV's.