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I watched the TSV presentation several times today, but could never really get a handle on sizing. The size chart seems to indicate it runs small, but the hosts say it is true to size. I feel these conflicts pop up a lot. So I just cancelled my order. Having just a 50/50:chance of it fitting right does not justify the order. Too bad the hosts don't give more useful sizing information. But the good news is I saved $130.00!

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I always check the exact garment measurements. You can never go wrong with math.
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Re: Second thoughts

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@MUO  I agree.  And apparently a lot of others felt the same way.  I saw sizing questions here, on the Q&A's, and on FB.  The hosts just gloss over a lot of pertinent information.  I did buy the TSV in an XL.  I am a QVC 1X.  I went by the bust measurement on the garment chart, not the QVC chart.  I don't know why some venders have their own size chart instead of going with QVC sizing.    

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I think the sizing on those aran sweaters gets confusing because sometimes they are unisex, and therefore can run large (if you are a woman.)  The TSV was clearly a ladies' sweater, so I would assume it was made according to QVC ladies' sizing standards.

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Just to clarify, I always review the garment  measurements. That is in part where my confusion came in. The garment measurements and the guidance from the host were in conflict. Because of this, I canceled the order.