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she looks like she's lost weight.  Even Kim Gravel noticed it Las night and even said something but Shawn didn't acknowledge one way or the other.  She's on with Candace right now and looks good in those new jeans

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I agree. Shawn looks really nice.

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I also thought Shawn looked very good in the black KG TSV dress.


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Shawn was downright enjoyable tonight all by herself.  She's so much better without a pardner.  When she's with someone else, chaos ensues.  She even seemed prepared for her show tonight. 

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@Kachina624   I completely agree.  I haven't needed to change the channel and am still watching her with Candace. It's so nice to watch when she can present alone.  Tonight has been enjoyable. 

@Teddixat  Another poster started a post saying how nice she looks tonight. I agree.  

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Nothing like lay-offs in the company to up one's work habits. 

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She was doing a lot of ordering tonight while hosting which i thought they weren’t allowed to do?
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She needs to cut her hair back to the short cute do
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I agree @JONNYSBRO !





See related image detail


See related image detail

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I am not a fan of SK--never have been---but she does look good and finally has done something with her hair--I like the curls lately and even her glasses are ok--just not those HUGE black ones--and yes, I recall her mentioning she was going on a diet a few  months ago--good for her.