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Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

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Never have I ever once had a problem with jewelry from QVC prematurely tarnishing and I've ordered from many different lines over the years. I receive it in great shape and take care of it (but truth be told, I don't baby it). I totally get that it does happen and probably to some of you. 


Here is my issue: LR posted  a special presentation video about "unrealistic expectations" with regards to her jewelry tarnishing. It was so interesting because it was not something she had to do when she was presenting on QVC.

I guess I just don't think its appropriate to tell your shoppers they have unrealistic expectations when they are spending money with you and expect quality and quality control.




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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

It appears there is troubling in paradise when you have to make a video like that.  It was bound to happen because she does not have a quality control department and it wouldn't not be prudent for her to hire one.


She only sells small quantities of her items.


I would stick to buying from reputable retailers who will stand by their products.

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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.


This thread should really be in JEWELRY as  the discussion is about jewelry tarnishing. Everything Lisa R stated on her video is true, and it is useful knowledge for novice jewelry owners/buyers. Notice that almost 500 comments were offered.


I prefer to buy and wear only gold as I am often too lazy to clean other metals (and I think stainless steel is too heavy), but yes, as Lisa explained, even gold will tarnish due to the other alloys used in anything less than 24K.


I find that many of the videos Lisa creates are entertaining and quite informative, especially her tours of Venice and the Italian gold shows.


I congratulate Lisa for her independence, entrepreneurship, and creativity.




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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

It’s also depends what kind of silver was used to create jewelry. If covered by rhodium it’s one think and if does not it’s very different. This is the reason why QVC and even more HSN selling anti tarnish boxes for silver ( actually it’s good for gold too). And this boxes sell very good according to my understanding.


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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

All sterling silver is supposed to. Copper will develop a patina, which it is supposed to.


Costume jewelry that is made with cheap metals will change color because the coatings have worn off.  This does not happen with quality customer jewelry...Monet for example.


This is not metal tarnishing, it is metal popping through after the coatings have worn off. If I paid a high price for costume jewelry and the color wore off, I would be upset.

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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

@Sheilaray.  I never heard of "premature tarnishing".  Metal doesn't tarnish actcording to a timetable.  It's exposure to air and the contaminates it contains that causes tarnish.  If metal is properly stored under airtight or anti-tarnish conditions, it will not tarnish.  I have many more pounds of silver than i could pick up and carry and I almost never have to polish anything.  If you're careful, maintaining silver is not a chore

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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

It depends on the thickness of the rhodium plating over sterling silver.  Since silver tarnishes when exposed to the air, a thin coating will not be enough.


QVC does a good job of coating their rings and other jewelry.  I heard that discussed several times by the hosts.  Never had any tarnishing from QVC or good jewelry stores.


But, is there a coating on it at all?  Some sterling silver is sold without it.  Then, there will be a lot of tarnishing. Nothing can be done about it except keep it in a plastic bag, or a tarnish proof box.  


As for 14K, never tarnished, not that I'd expect it to.


So a thin coating of rhodium over silver might be why your ring tarnished or there's no plating at all.  Did you notice in LR's description whether it was plated?  She usually includes that for her silver rings. 


Do you know where it was made?  Noticed she is buying some jewelry made in India.  Some in Italy.  Italy would be the best choice. 



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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

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This is the beginning to an end. There have been LOTS of issues with the LR business as of recently. I’m in a private FB group that’s devoted to her fans where lots of problems with her merchandise is discussed. Lisa is on a slippery slope, hang on for the ride. 


That “informative” video was a joke. Once again she’s totally steering it like users errors fault. Her verbiage of “unrealistic expectations” was a total slap in the face to her customers. My jaw was dropped when she kept mentioning that! It’s so unprofessional and RUDE of her to make such statements when people are paying exorbitant prices for her stuff!! 

The bottom line will always remain true which is good QUALITY jewelry shouldn’t ever cause problems. Period. 


Lisa tried to spin it by saying her own personal jewelry that tarnished the most was pieces that cost the price of a small car. How manipulative can she be. 

During the chat there were lots of complaints from customers saying their jewelry they bought from her has tarnished and some items never even worn! 

Lisa looked uneasy during that entire video and I think she just needs to hang it up where the jewelry is concerned. I bet going forward more junk accessories & home decor items will be offered although customers complain those items arrive broken and with missing pieces too. Let’s face it, Lisa is trying to draw a large income with offering inferior merchandise and it’s just not working. It’s all catching up to her. Buyer Beware if people still continue to shop with her for whatever reason now. Not to mention the constant price gouging she does. 

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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

Sounds like it is more than  a few people who might not take proper care of their jewelry if she had to make this video about it......


The video sure won't get her customers to buyi her stuff.....

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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

Well, how embarrassing for all involved.  


She has poor quality "treasures," the Tribe will buy anything (even junk) that she sells, she has no reviews, and these things probably aren't even stored in the proper environment.  


I don't know how much longer she can survive selling to the Tribe...