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I don't know why they are allowed if they were not purchased.  :[

I went to read reviews on one of the Barefoot Dreams items and only three reviews and all complaints that they don't come in tall but if they did they would order.  Then you report it and they don't remove it any way.  I don't get it.

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Maybe when Q starts to add tall sizes (like they do petites) to all pants offered (on HSN almost ALL pants come in tall) the complaining would stop. I do not understand why they refuse to offer talls in most brands. Does it really add that much to the price to add a few inches on the bottom? Guess it does.

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I agree! The reviews should have to match up with the customer's orders. We want information from actual purchasers, not just someone's opinion who didn't even purchase the item.

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That really makes me “crazy” when I read that 🤬

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can't remember if it's shophq or hsn, but one of them won't let you review unless it's been purchased. 

i think all reviews should be that way

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 I read a good one today on upcoming VPH item for the 13th. One star  because it was made in China and should have been made in the USA.


HSN won't let a review be made unless you bought that item and the number must match. 


I appreciate the reviews, especially for shoes. Some brands like Clarks and Sketchers vary so much.