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I thought QVC offers free exchanges when you order something in the wrong size or the color isn't right. I wanted to exchange a top for a different size. Customer service rep tells me that I need to use the shipping label which will deduct $6.95 from my refund. But I don't want a refund, I want the same top in the same color, just a different size. I'm confused and would appreciate some help!
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@Klmor - You definitely can exchange your top for a different size at no cost; you just send the top to QVC with the return slip indicating the details of your exchange request, and the return label fee will not be assessed. If they don't happen to have the size you want in stock, you will still not be charged for using the return label. Even though the overall process can take quite awhile, I've successfully exchanged several items in a few different categories. Good luck!

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@Klmor    You definitely got a newbie in the CS department who gave you totally erroneous information.

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Thanks for your replies! I called CS back and got it straightened out. 😊
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@Klmor  Yes you need to use their label. And yes your account will show a return for what you sent back and will put up a new order for size, color or both as your exchange. The new exchange will be sent out free of charge and no s/h. You pay only once for the orig s/h.


I just did an exchange for 2 pr of legacy leggings. The new smaller size for both (same) colors are on the way. Can't wait to get these, they are really nice.

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Is anyone reading the return slips? I never have any luck in exchanging because they never have anything in stock. The one time they have stock they decide to refund instead of exchanging the product. I'm so done with this company.