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I don’t normally return much to QVC but my last order which was Clark TSV did not fit well. Therefore I decided to return it. I used their return label. They charged me about $12.00 for this return. This doesn’t sound right! Your thoughts? Is this normal?
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Re: Return question

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return label is 6.95 + original shipping for shoes is 5.50 

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My thoughts: buy shoes where the shipping is free and offers free returns.

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Sounds like an overcharge.  I thought  it was the price of the return label always.  I mostly do exchanges.  

Exchanges take forever and waiting on two now.  By the time they process what size I need will be gone.  

I have done a lot less Q shopping this holiday season compared to last year.  

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I don't think it is an overcharge and agree with @mizree math.



Refunds do not take forever IF you use the EZ return shipment.


Credits in a couple days.....exchanges sent out in a couple days.


Need to use the system!!!!

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You get a full refund if product received is damaged, defective, or wrong item sent (size, color. etc.).   Also, I learned that if you send something back for an exchange and the item is no longer in stock, return postage still charged.    Only if an actual exchance can be made, no return S&H charged.    I learned hard way to be very careful what I buy.

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 Yea, the Hosts never tell you that if the Returns dept does not do an exchange , even when it looks an item is in stock , you are charged return shipping on exchanges. So, it's  bunk what the Hosts  say on air

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@phoenixbrd wrote:

My thoughts: buy shoes where the shipping is free and offers free returns.

I only buy online shoes at Zappos... free returns for a year....

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The hosts never complete the sentence.  If you don't like it send it back and we will refund your money.  They should add, minus the shipping and return shipping. They want you to forget about that!

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@1OldBroad @skatting44 if you send an item back for exchange and the item is no longer in stock, you should not be charged return postage. You are due a full refund - as if the order never happened. If you do not get a full refund contact CS and they will refund the shipping charges.