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Re: ReVamping QVC Ideas

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Kathy Levine would be a NO for me, too.

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Re: ReVamping QVC Ideas

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@FancyPhillyshopper   Well said and I agree 100%.  Unless all the TV shopping channels change the way they sell and what they sell, IMO their days are numbered.



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The host is immaterial for me. I will only buy if I need or want an item.. The host has no effect on what I purchase.

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LR might be coming back. Didn't I read somewhere that she might be closing Shop? Oh well!!

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@QVCalm Lisa Mason briefly returned then left again. She has her own business now. I think Lisa Robinson is history. She is gone and I dont think her return would do much for QVC. When she was hosting, the products offered were so much more exciting than today's offerings. Even Lisa couldn't get the viewers exciited anymore. The merchandise 

is rarely anything special and the products of the padt have returned in lesser quality versions. 

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I'd love to revamp Q's incoming and outgoing mail processing and orders/returns. 


For part of my career, I ran an incoming and outgoing mail business unit for a very large international corporation. We had hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail going in and out daily and never never had the kinds of delays that Q has. 


For another part of my career, I ran a business unit that processed tens of thousands of customer requests every day and never had the delays that Q has.

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QVC's broadcasting days are numbered (in my view) so I don't think any former host would be of much benefit.  Those hosts are surely not the future (or saviors) of QxH.


The newest hosts seem to be doing the work needed in the streaming arena, which is where any remaining hosts would reside (in my opinion.)

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I really like QVC and this whole TV shopping, and hope it has at least 35 more years, in one form or another.  I've found some absolutely wonderful things over the two decades of shopping here.


However, in my opinion, QVC still doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up.  

They keep revamping shows by pairing hosts that feed off of each other's worst hosting traits.  Then load the shows with too-long presentations of the same products.  


But at least they do seem committed to trying to compete in the streaming arena and social media market.  Like it or not, that's where the money is.  That's where more & more of the shoppers are. I'm doing much more shopping there myself.