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@aroc3435 wrote:

@dooBdoo    If you find the Paul Kelly video chat please post the link or how to view it.  I would love to learn his thoughts.


And, personally, I like Rick.  Actuallly, there isn't ANY QVC host that I dislike.


Unlike many others here, David Venable and Jane Treacy are my top two favorites since I started actually purchasing about fifteen or so years ago and I have purchased quite a bit of what they present.


Also I go directly to the online site without watching TV to search and find items--sometimes mentioned/recommended by a forum member.


Was a "watcher" before that but did not purchase--single mom raising two children on a very tight budget--because I couln't afford to.  Introduced to QVC by a close best friend co-worker and her family.  They always had one TV in their home tuned into QVC and were always buying.


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@aroc3435,  So far I haven't found the video I mentioned, but while looking for it I ran across a shorter (about 30 minutes) Facebook chat with Judy Crowell and Paul Deasy from 2019. 

There's one small segment in which he talks about the changes at QVC, and that's interesting to me... 

However, in the one I referenced earlier in this thread Paul Kelly talked more at length about the changes he had seen over the years. 

I'll post that one if I ever locate it.


Here's the Judy and Paul Facebook video in case you're interested (for those who don't want to :


"Sunday Funday w/ Paul and Judy featuring special guest, Paul Kelley."

Paul Kelly is introduced at about the 5 minute mark.


https:​ ​//​ ​www. facebook. com/judycrowellstyle/videos/sunday-funday-w-paul-and-judy-featuring-special-guest-paul-kelley-sundayfundaypj/2314680788777338/






Take care, and have a lovely afternoon/evening!🌻




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@dooBdoo   I am so grateful to you for this.  I will now ggo watch it with great interest.  I  am so curious as to what people who know this kind of merchandising think and am hoping that QVC will survive  in good/better shape.


I still watch it on TV but I no longer phone in orders.  Prefer onliine since I can taake advantagge of Rakuten cashback.


Again, many thanks, and a pleasant  evening to you.



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My maternal grandmother had a saying for when the kids got all sugared up and were bouncing around.


He/she is like flea on a hot brick.


A few months ago I flipped over to see the TSV.  Rick with Lock n Lock.  Yep, flea/brick. Changed channel.

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Rick should have been a used car salesman. He is that annoying. I refuse to watch him.

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I love Rick.  He was hyper on Day 1 many years ago, but that's his charm.  He's like a kid in a candy store.  He doesn't bother me one bit.