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QVC is trying to get away from inserting return labels into our packages.  I just got an item with no return label.  When I try to do the online return information - after I type the reason why and hit "continue" to get to the printing, there is no response.  I've been told this has been a problem.  It has happened to me several times before.  I have never ever seen an online company have so many technical issues that take forever to fix (or some of them they just ignore in spite of many complaints I see - like scrolling through order status), but mailing back your package is imperative.    


They are busy today, and the operator may or may not be able to send me an e-mail with the label.  Two or three brands are keeping me here, but the annoyance may overcome that.   

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I never have had this problem.  First I usually get a return label.  The few times i didn't, I was able to either print one or call CS to have one emailed which I promptly received.  This is all recently.

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A package without a return label is annoying and inconvenient and, even more so for those who do not have a working printer.

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I can't help but feel they're moving away from providing a break on return postage.  We know it costs a lot more to pay postage and insure a package on most everything than the $6.95 fee we pay to return something.  Perhaps what they are charged has increased or maybe they think if we have to pay more, it will decrease returns.


The "technical issues" excuse may just be a ploy.

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I know what you are saying....after filling out the comments....nothing.


It has been this way for a VERY long time.


SKIP that page and don't fill it out....just hit continue and that has worked for me every time.


I have always then been able to print the return label.

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I agree with @Kachina624 


I had a small, light bra to return and thought I'd save a couple bucks paying myself.


NOPE, it was MORE than the return label fee.


Postage rates have increased at least 2 times in the past year or so.


The label has always been less for me.

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I have been shopping online at Talbots for years, mainly because they carry an extensive line of petites, and I get free shipping as a good customer.  Today, for the first time ever I opened my package and there was no return label, or packing slip.  Instead there was a paper telling me if I had a return I had to go online to my order confirmation email and print it.  This is a first!  Amazon makes you go online to initiate returns and print your own label.  I think this is the way most retailers are going.  They assume everyone has a printer and online access.  I do, but feel for those that don't.