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QVC's Smart Phone App for Iphone 6+

First, before I complain.... I love technology and am first in line for new and improved.  I do pretty much all my eBay sales, questions and business on my eBay app and that's how I did most of my QVC looking and buying when away from my TV.  (I watch QVC while I'm working on the computer).....


So when the new and improved app showed up I tried.   I don't like the streaming at the top of the page.  If I wanted to watch it on my phone there's a click for that already. No way to get rid of it that I know of.....  This might come as a shock, but I use my app in ORDER to get away from the TV and hosts.  


I have to scroll and scroll to get through the page when before it only took a one finger effort to see everything, click on what I was interested in and then go from there.


Even when the stream at the top is frozen it's messy looking and I'd love to get rid of it.  If there's a way to do so, I'd appreciate knowing.


Meanwhile ..... needs some serious tweeking IMHO.... 

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Re: QVC's Smart Phone App for Iphone 6+

I installed the app, used it for one day and quickly uninstalled it.  Haven't used it since and that was years ago.  I do fine using .com. 

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I personally haven't liked any shopping app I've tried.

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Re: QVC's Smart Phone App for Iphone 6+



It was not the best app before but this latest update is awful! I don't want streaming forced on me either. I came very close to deleting the app yesterday.


I rarely watch any shopping channels live. I'd rather look for items I'm interested in by doing a search online or on an app.

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Re: QVC's Smart Phone App for Iphone 6+

I loved and used the QVC app for years on my iphone(s), and I think in the past they had made some good improvements. This latest update is a disaster! What were they thinking? I absolutely hate it now.

The automatic video is ridiculous and takes up so much room on the screen and I'm using an iphone 6+!  Also, I have it set so that the video would only play if I was on wi-fi but it still plays automatically when selecting an item, even when I'm not using wi-fi. So be careful when you're not on wi-fi or it could use up a lot of your data. I can't imagine why they wouldn't give us (their Customers!) the option to turn off all videos.

Yesterday morning I realized that I couldn't locate the AM Style section to see what would be presented. So that was disappointing. I also dislike so much scrolling to see sizes and colors. I've contacted QVC multiple times about this mess but so far they haven't made any improvements. I really wish I could go back to the previous releases. In the past, it was one of my favorite apps.

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Re: QVC's Smart Phone App for Iphone 6+

i kind of like the new app, at first, but now I really don't like that they replaced the "Top Finds" button with the Beauty IQ item, which is redundant since it has it's own access on down the page. Now you can't get to "Top Finds" at all with the app! (That I can find, anyway) Please put the "Top Finds" button back on the app.

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r mrRe: QVC's Smart Phone App for Iphone 6+

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Re: QVC's Smart Phone App for Iphone 6+

I am not having the problem so many are speaking if here. I diid change my setting to auto play only on wifi. Since I don't have wifi in my home, I do not consider it an issue for me. I still have iPhone 5, if that makes a difference. Planning to update to latest phone version by end of year. I agree there are many problems with this app that need to be fixed , but not worth my time to report them as long as I can do what I want to do which is to browse products of interest.