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QVC easy pay troubles

Anyone else caught in the viscous cycle of easy pay debt? Never again am I going to order on easy pay. I got lost not realizing how many I had and climbing out of QVC debt. Anyone else?
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Re: QVC easy pay troubles

Good for you....I don't use EasyPay and do not like the default of easy pay on the new ordering system.

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Re: QVC easy pay troubles

I stop easy pay a long time ago for the same problem you state. One payment only and then I am done. Makes understanding my credit card bill a whole lot easier. And if I can't afford it I dont buy it.

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Re: QVC easy pay troubles

Agree, you must be very careful , smart marketing on their part, not so much for us but for them.

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Re: QVC easy pay troubles


It might help to make a list of your Easy Pay orders along with payments due.  That way you can see at a glance how many you have. Maybe pick one you can easily pay off first and keep going one by one until they are done.


I don’t use easy pay, but I list my online orders each month in my Notes app.  I use a red icon for items on order and a green icon when items are received. This really helps me keep track of everything.


Also helps me keep on top of any problems.



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Re: QVC easy pay troubles

I agree.  I rarely use easy pay anymore.  As others have said if I can't afford the one payment then I do not buy.  

This is just my opinion but I feel the reason they offer easy pay on almost everything (those of us who have shopped here for years..even decades remember when it was a big deal to have easy pay offered) is because the prices have risen so much that most people can't afford over $50-70 for a top or pants etc but when they say "only" $10 on easy pay well most think hey I can afford $10 and before they know it they have so many easy pays that the balance on their bill is way up there.  

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Re: QVC easy pay troubles

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I really like easy pay but I keep track.  It lets me buy things I need or really want without spending too much in a month.  I go over mine the last week of every month and pay ahead or pay off many if I have extra money.   I check mine also if I have made several purchases in a month before making too many.  I can see where it could be a problem for many who impulse buy. 

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Re: QVC easy pay troubles

I like having the option.  I do remember getting the postcard, that you could select EP on one item over $50, and you were given a three month expiration.  I got a Duraflame heater one year and waited for that offer, in order to buy it.


I just bought something that I could have paid outright for, but made a bargain with myself that I would give something up in return if I bought it.  Easy pay about equalled what I would have been spending on the consumable item anyway, and monthly living expenses don't change.


I love my new "thing", and use it often (Cubii Jr).



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Re: QVC easy pay troubles

I don't see why it's difficult to keep up with Easy Pay payments.  They're listed in the account information section and it's quite easy to read.  It shows everything you need to know to keep up with payments coming due.


I'm glad QVC offers Easy Pay.

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Re: QVC easy pay troubles

I use to jump when I saw easy pay but not any more. It seems more difficult to track on the statements and if you return an item it's a "mess" to double check your statement. About a month ago I decided that I have enough "stuff" and unless I'm replacing a "need" "practical" item then I'm not getting it. Between the clothing sizing issues and trying to reduce my use of batteries I have reduced my ordering by 90%. I figure that by November I should be at a "fresh start" point and then if I order anything for Christmas it will be one charge on one monht's bill.  That's my plan. I find that it isn't as difficult as what I thought it was going to be so I'm pleased.