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Re: QVC easy pay troubles

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I haven't fortunately but see how it can happen because they're always pushing Easy Pay. There are so many promos for it.   I noticed that the new Checkout page defaults to Easy Pay & I think it's by design. So I make a conscious effort not to get distracted and  Edit that right away to One-Time Payment.  I would like to see more offers of free shipping than 5 or 6 Easy Pays but understand that free shipping is losing money whereas the Easy Pay brings in more. Good Luck to you!

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I've only recently started using easy pay, and it has its place in my Q shopping.  I never watch the shows, so there's no temptation there.  The only thing I buy from the Q is jewelry.  There's not much of that anymore that interests me, so the occasional easy pay purchase is not a major issue.  It doesn't seem all that difficult to keep track of where you are in the payment schedule; your credit card statement tells you which payment number it is, and the option to pay it off is always there.


DH and I decided long ago to have our own individual checking accounts and credit card accounts.  Although we share signing privileges on everything, I use mine and he uses his--it keeps the peace.

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@Kingcake Easy Pay is a great offer but like you stated one can find themselves in a viscous cycle if they didn't realize how much they spent using easy pay as a payment option. I know a lady that got caught up with the holiday shopping and did not realize that her total payments were over $100 at the end of the month.


I only use easy pay for large ticket items that I have not decided on whether to keep or not. If I don't like it or it's damaged then I have not invested that much into the purchase. 

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It must be helping Q's bottom line. I also remember when they never hardly offered easy pays.

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They promote easy pay and getting a Q card with just about every show.  They must be making a huge amount of money on this.  So tired of them showing "their" Q card and promoting this over and over.  Don't like the way they say "you can get this home for only $7.00", but they don't make it clear how many payments and the print is so small on the screen.  I'm sure many customers are deceived.   No easy pay for me and no Q card.  I had a Q card years ago and absolutely no benefit to having one.

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I always use easy pay & if I decide to keep the item I simply go to my acct & pay it's a great option.

Thank you .. I didn't know you could do that .......

You're welcome. You can make additional monthly payments or pay the balance off for each item by using My Account, select Easy Pay Orders or call CS & they will make the payments you want.

Thanks again .....

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  Easy Pay isnt the villain here. A person can get lost in overspending, whether at QVC or anywhere else.  


It disturbs me that many adults aren't well schooled in the wise use of credit, and have to learn the hard way as they struggle to resolve these types of avoidable debts.

(The unavoidable ones are bad enough.)


When they offer easy pay they're extending free credit. That's rare.

But don't use it if it's not a plus for your situation.

Credit is a financial tool that you should put to work for you, not against you.


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@Fressa wrote:

I use to jump when I saw easy pay but not any more. It seems more difficult to track on the statements and if you return an item it's a "mess" to double check your statement. About a month ago I decided that I have enough "stuff" and unless I'm replacing a "need" "practical" item then I'm not getting it. Between the clothing sizing issues and trying to reduce my use of batteries I have reduced my ordering by 90%. I figure that by November I should be at a "fresh start" point and then if I order anything for Christmas it will be one charge on one monht's bill.  That's my plan. I find that it isn't as difficult as what I thought it was going to be so I'm pleased.


@Fressa  ..... GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! ..... I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing!!! ☺️


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@Sweetbay magnolia wrote:

I like having the option.  I do remember getting the postcard, that you could select EP on one item over $50, and you were given a three month expiration.  I got a Duraflame heater one year and waited for that offer, in order to buy it.


I just bought something that I could have paid outright for, but made a bargain with myself that I would give something up in return if I bought it.  Easy pay about equalled what I would have been spending on the consumable item anyway, and monthly living expenses don't change.


I love my new "thing", and use it often (Cubii Jr).



@Sweetbay magnolia   I got one too & use it everyday!  Love it!

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