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Maybe I should close my account & open another in DH's name just to get the $32 off. LOL!!!

@Nightowlz: Lol! Many people don't realize this, but every time you apply for new credit, your FICO score goes down for about 6 months. I learned this the hard way! No more new credit cards for me, not that l need them anyway!

@handygal2 I don't care if my credit score goes down. It seems to go up & down depending on if we owe any money or not. We have no debt so when I paid off my car it went down. Ridiculous. It's still over 800 so not concerned.


Several major credit card companies plus department stores have closed out accounts from non-use so I figured I would get that Sam's MC. They gave us $45 off our over $500 purchase.

Our Sears was closed from non-use but what do they expect they closed our Sears store. We had it since 1978.

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While QVC shows no gratitude to its longtime customers / Q-card holders.  "Birthday surprises" = no big deal and very disappointing.