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@Spurt - I think it depends on what you're watching with regard to the holiday shows; the ITKWD and ITKWM shows, Jill's shows, and Valerie's shows all have their own holiday music that is festive and kind of fun. I'm never going to seek it out to listen to on its own, of course, but it's a nice change from the usual schlock and sets the right mood.



I dont watch that much anymore....I watch AM Style and an occasional fashion show (depending on vendor and host ),  Valerie Parr Hill and sometimes other home decor/Christmas decor shows.....And perhaps a random show here and there if I see something in the Program Guide or flipping through channels that interests me........


The only Christmas song I hear is a song I cant quite place but it reminds me of Billy Joels "Tell Her About It"......  I dont think I even notice Valeries background music, I guess that's one show QVC does right, and the music is not intrusive----that's the way it should be...... 


I dont watch ITKWD Im watching football on Sundays!  Woman Very HappyAnd now and then I tried watching ITKWM if I was at home, now her regular little song drove me crazy.....I dont have anything against these hosts, just the products always seem to be the same so I quit watching...........

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