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Anybody have an idea why the QVC live chat works sometimes and at other times, it does not?  For me, I find I like to use this more than a phone call to Customer Service but it's frustrating not knowing when it's working and when it's not.


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I'm not sure but it seems quite possible that they don't always have someone monitoring the Live Chat system.  Could very well be, as I believe they have been short handed like every other business in the past few years.  I use HSN's all the time and have never experienced this, IMO thier customer service is much better than the Q.

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@patticakes If you have tried this weekend, there have been a few posters stating they could not get a hold of customer service. I would wager to guess, that would go for the live chat as well. 


When using the live chat, as well as calling CS, you will speak to a live person. They only have so many people they can employ. I think they were just extremely busy so I would suggest trying again this week.