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I have been looking at a few items which are saved in my wish list. They have been at the Q for since at least 2015 and it was on clearance then. The sizes are down to only one or two and most colors are gone. Inexcplicibly, the prices increased for all three itmes by at least $6 yesterday. What company INCREASES prices on clearance items that are old and extremely limited? I would think they would rather sell this stuff than hold onto it in the warehouse. The folks at Q are crazy!

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Completely agree and this seems to be standard operating procedure for the Q.  I've said before that they must have one humongous warehouse to be able to keep all this stuff so long and maybe that's why it takes so long to ship---can't find anything, LOL!


On another topic I also see LTS prices rising.  Few clothing items are under $30.  And I don't blame the "tariff" situation.  Other stores have sales, something that the Q doesn't seem to be familiar with.



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Thanks for posting --I was going to do it--I too have a wishlist--I just don't understand the logic when they know we are watching items--I guess I won't be buying any of those items that have increased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A maxi dress I've been watching (and have purchased before) just went up $5.00! 


Over night!

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I see some of my "as is" items on my wishlist have gone up too, good for them.  

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Whoa ... even clearance prices!   One of my check items just jumped $5 ... but I'm paying the lower price as I changed it to my charge card.

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They have been doing this for awhile now.  If it didn't sell before why would it if the price went up?  I have a few in my wishlist that also went up.  

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People have posted about these types of increases before, but I've never had them affect anything on my Wish List until this round. I check my list every morning, and I was very surprised today to see all the changes to higher prices plus one item marked as being sold out now. My speculation is that perhaps this is the harbinger of a free shipping day coming up during the holiday weekend, since the Q will lose a little less money if the items cost more. Maybe? We'll see...

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I remember quite a few people saying that on a free shipping day. Wonder if they have an upcoming one and they’re trying to make up the difference.
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it's not just the Q, it's everywhere