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Remember keep watching for items purchased within thirty days on sale. Qvc honors price adjustments. Example A347718 ordered full price today on sale. 


Thanks Qvc! Heart

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@Sweet_Serenity nice of you to remind us.

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I check almost daily.  I once called on a price adjustment that was less than one dollar.  The CS guy gave me a full one dollar credit because the system would not let him do less than that.  I spend a lot of money at QVC, so I am not going to ever feel bad about asking for a price adjustment!  Their prices are all over the place and that makes no sense to me, but I guess they have a master plan, or not..

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last week i got a $70 credit on a piece of jewelry i had ordered.

thanks to customer service for the quick response in issuing a credit once the item had shipped.

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They won't do a price adjustment on my 4 cosmetic I ordered on shipping.  I have them on ez pay but the shipping went to free on all items yesterday and I called and emailed after the customer service rep told me they only do that on items bought that day and today I get an email saying only for 2 days.  I bought them on the 17th and the 12th Yesterday was the 19th.  I thought it was for 30 days.