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I believe it was previously mentioned that the up and coming generations want instant gratification. Next day, overnight delivery, free. They want everything now. QVC is outdated. Amazon, for better or worse, seems to be the answer. Everyone ships for free. It's just a perk, or a nice " thank you" for shopping with us. QVC is so far behind. Btw..... The prices are ridiculous.
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To answer the question about surveys, the answer is yes.  I was asked to fill out 2 surveys within a one week period.  On the first one, I was able to give my opinion on the new overnight programming.  the second had a lot of questions on the economy and where I think it is going.

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It looks like they are going out of business. They only have a handful of hosts and some of them never stop talking. I have even stopped watching shows like LOGO because of their host switching and the tiresome chatter I now no longer buy lots of her things because I can no longer see the same person on for endless hours and then repeats of the same. From the premier shopping channel they are looking very dismal.  Sadly I think they are on a downward spiral since this merge.  

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I completely agree with the over whelming opinion that this is a big mistake.  I frequently check "recently aired", several days ago I noticed the big gap in time and thought it must be a mistake......sadly it wasn't, it was this new policy.  I do this often to see clearance shows, and what I might have missed.  I also watched during the night sometimes, even enjoyed seeing "new" hosts grow and develop in their new careers.  The Q has hired so many in recent years to cover the extra time slots with Q2, I guess they'll be losing their jobs too.........

I think Q management has been making some very bad business decision lately.  Probably starting with buying HSN, they tried to expand too much.  Q2 has many repeat shows, we certainly didn't need Q3 which is all repeats, and HSN is now also showing many many of the same shows/products as QVC.  Customer service has gone down, some product quality has gone down (ie inconsistent garment sizes), shipping takes too long, shipping costs too high, prices of D&C and Susan Graver overpriced, not enough variety---how many Dooney, Josie, Wenn, Logo, Isaac, etc etc can we watch, New products and vendors needed to interest people again.

For many years I have loved QVC, enjoyed shopping, found many products I'd never find in a store, enjoyed the hosts, easy pay was a huge help, many positives, but sadly it's changing and not for the better.  What needs to go is management and their bad decisions, they are forgetting their customers and their roots.  So disappointed.

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I agree ...I don't like the repeat TSV 3x's....if you need to repeat, QVC, repeat the different good shows from earlier in the day.....ALSO, miss the new hosts....they were all good....hope they didn't lose their jobs....signed, watching from Los Angeles where the TSV comes on at 9,10, 11,12 & 1 now

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@QVCnana, you swiped the letters right off my keyboard!

What worries you masters you.
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Agreed!  I love the 24/7 factor of QVC.....and for the same reason.  I was afraid that with the addition of the other QVC channels, something like this would happen.  I understand that they're a business and this is a strategic decision, BUT if they didn't have their own other channels competing with theirselves, perhaps people would just stay tuned to the main one who made them who they are in the first place.  I rather like just "staying tuned" to find out what's coming up next (or later) to see if it's something I might like, but if I was able to switch over to QVC2 or 3 and grab what I like there, and maybe spend all I need to spend for the week more quickly, then I, too, would need to turn the t.v. off and not watch during the wee hours. Smiley Sad    They got to be as big as they are with "needing" the extra channels by NOT having the extra channels.  That's a bonus of online ordering, where people can peruse through inventory and order there.  Seeing "Previously Recorded" takes something special away, and sadly, makes me want to now turn the channel.

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I went to bed with the TSV Mrs. P. and woke up with the same show. Sadly turned to the news. I don't receive Q2 or Q3 as just have a basic cable. There are time zones, people who are awake at those hours and right now a time change. I guess Q will join the rest, HSN and ShopHQ. It is not going back to 24/7.

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Is the repeating the TSV hour endlessly over & over all night a permanent thing now or just an experiment for a set period of time, soon to end (I hope)?

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If only Lisa Robertson was still with the network. The woman was responsible for so much of the Qs big revenues and profit margin. With much lower sales and interest QVC had to cut costs and this only a budgetary thing. It's just sad the Q isnt that hot phenom network anymore it was when Lisa was there.