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I know there is another thread about this, but I honestly want QVC execs to know....I've always loved "live". No matter what. It was live. If I can't sleep. I turn on QVC and it's live. I wake up early and like to Now there is an endless loop of reruns of the TSV every single night? From like 2-7am?? Not cool and I hope if people object to this that they'll also speak up. Please go back to 24 7 live programming.
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@foodie105  I agree with you, but if QVC isn't selling during those hours, they have to rethink their business model. They only make money when people are buying, not when people are just watching. I think they are rethinking in the wrong direction. If people are not buying during those hours, it might be because the items they are offering might not be what people want to buy. Just think about when they do holiday offerigs live at night. People are ordering like crazy. Maybe they just need to start looking for new items to offer.

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@foodie105  I totally agree! I HATE the recorded shows. Q is messing up big time!

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I think they will end up keeping the recorded shows overnight and the 3 channels show repeats constantly.....

the other two main shopping channels have reverted to that and i am sure QVC will def have me watching less but that has been happening for a while with the endless TSV hours, products, etc.   

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I wonder does QVC understand that those who watch are more likely to buy than those who don't watch at all?  If they watch the TSV at midnight, don't like what's offered or ordered the product, they aren't going to watch 5 hours of the TSV later, but if they watched a variety of programming during those hours, they might buy something.


Kind of just common sense, isn't it?


Rather than repeat the TSV, they could repeat a variety of programs that were on during the day.


I think it's a cost cutting measure.  In 2016 sales were down, QVC laid off over 100 people.  It could be they don't want to do that and are looking for other ways to cut costs.  


If live programming returns, my suggestion would be for those wanting live presentations during those hours, instead of just watching or using QVC to keep you company, start buying a few things.  Of course, this company needs to present more new enticing products.  





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Re: Previously Recorded

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I agree. The main QVC channel has ALWAYS been live 24/7, with the exception of Christmas. I'm up late nights often and have enjoyed the live programming in those hours. To show the same 1 hour show for hours overnight is ridiculous. I hope the QVC executives are reading these comments. Respectfully, I don't think this is a good decision.

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i think it's horrible to have constant reruns on the air. they have q2 and q3 for that. if you're trying to save money drop one of those channels. i have watched qvc for 30 years. i love the live 24/7 format. my favorite viewing times are between 2am to 7am. please bring back live programming. and stop with the oversaturation of the tsv. 

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I agree with what these fellow customers have written for the most part. I am a

VERY DISATISFIED customer with the entire direction QVC has gone, and after

27 years of faithul shopping, I have already looked into following another shopping

channel (and  it's not HSN  [the beginning of the end for QVC since they merged

IMO]). It's too bad. QVC used to be the premier shopping channel.

They're not anymore.

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I am over watching the same previously recorded show over and over...I have seen the same Kitchenaid show 3 times now.  How many mixers can one buy?  

I do not want last year's products...looking for new exciting products, which are lacking.

Values are not as good as they use to be... doing more shopping online...lots of free shipping offered and great prices if you compare. 


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It's a shame. I'm sure that QVC is suffering from the same thing as many other shopping businesses. To me the pre-recorded overnight shows are definitely a sign of cost cutting. 


It also must be hard to get new vendors.  Not that I don't love Josie Maron, Dyson, Kitchenaid etc....but it seems like some are on all the time. Plus do we really need three QVC shopping channels? I think they branched out a bit to much.