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I couldn't watch for very long. The tennis shoes with the long dressy skirt looked a bit off to me although I understand wanting to be comfortable and dressed up at the same time. At least they weren't all wearing their PJs. When David Dangle, Courtney, and Jane all started talking at the same time, I had to tune out. Maybe "posh" is one of those words that people no longer know.

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@proudlyfromNJ wrote:

Did Jane choose the items for her show tonight?

@proudlyfromNJ -- I doubt it.  The hosts do not determine what items are being sold.  Even when they have a show called "So and So's Favorite Things" they don't chose them.



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Very sorry POSH presents!

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Watched  a little this am  but some people never learn to be quiet long enough to let someone else speak . " Oh. sorry Courtney " that I cut you off and have run out of time to let you speak , but just show that  pink Always  bracelet .


Then it was a 3 ring circus with  Jane, David, and Courtney who lost the verbal arm wrestle with Jane & David .  I turned off the TV . Ridiculous !

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The plaid Joan Rivers taffeta skirt was a LOL! It was a ridiculous price ($90 with shipping and tax) and looks REALLY OUTDATED. It was NOT FLATTERING on Jane Treacy. It made her look dumpy.

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@layla2450   I thought Jane looked great in the skirt.  It was very slimming.  I also didn't think it was outdated, but it was dressy and most of us are wearing casual these days.


The black sneakers were not very flattering with the skirt, I have to say.






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Re: Posh presents. Not.

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@ValuSkr ... OR maybe Lisa knew how to create an air of "posh" more than Jane dressed in a long skirt ... she's still Jane folks.  Cue the "I love Jane" fans !!

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She looks dowdy all too often.  Surely they can find clothes that flatter her. Why don't they?

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Re: Posh presents. Not.

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I went to look at items on air for the alleged 'posh' show... Really... While times might well have changed, there will always be room for a holiday gift show with a focus on glamor and on some of the 'finer things'. Hey, they only do one a year and it could be so much better than this fiasco. The production smelled more of an old PM Style than anything else and I'm fully fed up with vendors phoning it in and frankly doing little more than disrupting the works. Moreover, there was nothing about this show that required multiple hosts. This was not a pretty picture. It appears no one making programming choices at QVC has any imagination at all anymore. 

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You all may know this already, but one reasoning behind the word POSH is that it was an acronym for "port out, starboard home" as used by well-off English folks (and/or the steamship company) for those traveling by steamship from England to India and back again.


Of course, Merriam-Webster debunks this background, but I've always liked it. So much so that when I commuted by train from my suburb to San Francisco, I sometimes made it a point to sit on the left side of the train going to work, and the right side coming home. (Not that it makes much difference on a train, but it was fun.)  



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