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Philosophy TSV

I got an email about Philosophy's upcoming tsv...two shower gels & two souffles all in the same scent. I wish they would offer two different scents in a set. Also, I don't want to take a chance on a brand new scent with a large set like that. And of course, that darn fresh cream is one of the choices. Just seems like Philosophy missed the mark with this one Smiley Sad
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Re: Philosophy TSV

For me, the upcoming TSV is too much product. I will be passing, and looking forward to see other new from Philosophy that is in smaller sizes. 


I still have the 64 ounce Coconut Splash from last year Smiley LOL


Someone needs to rethink these mega sizes in my opinion. 96 ounces of shower gel ? No, thank you. 

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Re: Philosophy TSV

I received the same email.  I don't like the big sizes.

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Re: Philosophy TSV

I just don't find Philosophy as good as it once was.  I also find that is just too much of one product.  I would rather be offered five normal size shower gels in different scents.  Or two normal size gels with two creams in two fragrances.  I still have Fresh Cream from two years ago!  I certainly would not know what to do if I got it on auto-delivery and received the entire set every six months.


The scents do sound nice:


Mandarin mimosa is a bright blend with a juicy burst of mandarin and mango, a hint of aromatic black currant, and crisp amber.


Summer tea spritzer is a delicate, spa-like blend of bergamot and soft raspberry, with fresh herbs, delicate jasmine, and sandalwood.


Basil cucumber cooler is a blend of cool cucumber, crushed basil, orange juice, and bergamot.


Coconut splash is a creamy blend of fresh coconut water, lotus flower, vanilla orchid, and sandalwood.


Fresh cream is an indulgent blend of creamy vanilla and sweet fresh whipped cream.

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Re: Philosophy TSV

Too much of the same product. A spritz would have been nice.

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Re: Philosophy TSV

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 I didn't receive the email, but I'm glad I came across this post. I, for one, am pleased about this TSV. I've had my eye on the basil cucumber scent for quite awhile now. True, it is a lot of product, but remember, you can always divvy it up into gifts. Mother Day is coming up, graduations, showers and (dare I say) Christmas!!! Smiley Tongue

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Re: Philosophy TSV

I stopped buying Philosophy from QVC years ago when this whole mega volume trend started. I still like Pure Grace but have a largely moved on to other lines.
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Re: Philosophy TSV

It looks like a good deal but I am still working on my mega hula girl and fresh cream warm cashmere. Think I will pass on this one and wait for the reviews...although the scent does seem interesting. 

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Re: Philosophy TSV

I love Philosophy's products, but do agree that when they do these mega sizes they should include 2 different fragrances.  I did purchase the basil cucumber, it is so fresh and spa like.  I am going to share this TSV with my daughter.  Note to buyer, please inform Philosophy that if 2 fragrances can be offered, it would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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Re: Philosophy TSV

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I got that email but have NO need for 2 gigantic sizes of 3 in 1 and lotion.  Honesty who can use that much product?  I'm still using a 32 oz summer fragrance I purchased 2 years ago.


I would instead prefer a 5 pack of a smaller size of each fragrance so I have the chance to use and decide what I like.