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@tessam Yes, getting a BFD sweater in plastic is lame. I do like easy packaging to open and recycle though.

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I received a pkg yesterday with three items in it that I had ordered on the same day. At first I thought someone had put their trash on my porch.  It had been opened and the three items were mixed in with parts of the box, crumpled up tape, and balls of tissue.  


When it was closed, two tapes were affixed crosswise, not along the opening center of the box. They were half falling off as well. I don’t know how the items managed to stay within the box.  It was a mess, but the items were in good condition, again I don’t know how.  I Didnt see it delivered, so I have no idea if it was UPS, the PO, or some other company.  


I used to admire the way the orders used to come from the the Q.  No more.  I’m done ordering from the Q anymore.  That was a disgrace.


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Don’t think people working in these type jobs take pride in their work anymore, could be for many reasons, pressure to work faster, fear of what might happen if they stopped the line due to reporting malfunctioning equipment and on and on ... Amazon has their issues to, one of the reasons I rarely shop there!
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I get those dirty plastic packages from Q quite a bit!  Have to wipe off the counter after opening them because they're so yucky.  Doubt if Q cares much.

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@bad4257You should get in touch with BOTH QVC AND the shipping company.  I would do that damage or no.  They ought to know they've got a problem.